Hi and welcome. This is the personal site of Alex Vallejo.

Photo cred to my pal Drew
Photo cred to my pal Drew

Quick Bio

I work at Microsoft as a software engineer on the Azure Compute Fabric Controller team. We manage VM allocation and lifecycle. Before that I worked on the OneDrive sync team where I worked on the mac and windows apps. I love the backend development space and find challenges in this space immense and fascinating. I am a detail oriented engineer and I love to go deep on the technology I work with. I am skilled at C# and C++ and have experience with Objective-C and Java also.

I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife Catherine. When I’m not exploring the city and doing fun things with Catherine, I’m spending time with friends or in the gym.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where I attended Our Lady of the Scared Heart High School. I am an Eagle Scout. I was a very active member of the student body in college at the University of Pittsburgh where I was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity. I graduated in 2015 cum laude with a degree in Computer Engineering.

How My Interest In Software Came To Be

My interest in computers started when I was in fifth grade. I started tinkering with an old machine my grandma gave me. I first got interested in hardware because that was most accessible to me at the time. I could take the machine apart and study each component. To this day I am still interested in hardware, but not past a hobby level.

No one in my family knew much about computers so I was all on my own with this interest. It wasn’t until high school where I took my first programming class and I fell in love with the challege of software development. Although I studied hardware in college as well as software, I found the hardware work to be too slow to hold my interest. I love my job and I feel greateful to have found work that is so fulfilling to me.