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Summary: A quick, medium effort, and under-rated beauty of a hike. The upper lake offers views of peaceful water and meadow flowers. Encounter wonderful undisturbed old growth forest on the way up and Mt. Rainier peak-a-boos in clear weather. Took an hour and a half to the upper lake.

The trail off to Sourdough Gap at the Upper Lake: The trail off to Sourdough Gap at the Upper Lake

Arrived at 9:30am on a Saturday and we were the third car. But around 1pm back at the trailhead the lots were close to full on both sides of the road. We encountered only two other groups until noon on the way down when we saw many more groups, including a forest ranger!

Beautiful meadow, Upper lake in the background: Beautiful meadow, Upper lake in the background

We had the upper lake to ourselves to eat a snack and explore. We walked towards a waterfall on the north side of the lake towards Sourdough Gap following the trail before turning around. A bit muddy here. The meadow surrounding the lake was in bloom, and ice patches floated in the lake. Please stay on the trail to preserve the meadows for others!

Rainier peak-a-boo! Rainier peak-a-boo

There were a few minor snow patches but easily passable. On the way back down, we stopped at the lower lake which is tightly encased in trees. It’s worth the 0.1 mile detour.